Shared Hosting
Starting at:
£2.95 /month
All plans
  • Storage
    Up to 20GB SSD
  • Resources
    Up to 2 Cores & 2GB RAM
  • Emails
    Up to 10 Emails
  • Domains
    Up to 4 Domains Domains
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Business Hosting
Starting at:
£29.95 /month
All plans
  • Storage
    Up to Unlimited SSD
  • Resources
    Up to 12 Cores & 12GB RAM
  • Backups
    Up to 90 Daily
  • Bandwidth
    Unlimited Bandwidth
Dedicated Hosting
Starting at:
£49.00 /month
All Plans
  • CPU
    2 x E5-2623 v3 Quad Core
  • RAM
    Up to 512GB DDR4 Memory
    Up to Eight Hotswap Bays
    1Gbps - 10TB/month

Cloud Load Balancing

Balancing user traffic across multiple instances of the application to spread the load and reduce likeliness of performance issues.

Load Balancing
[1] Traffic
High volume of user traffic visiting the online application.
[2] Load Balancing
Traffic is spread and directed to another instance.
[3] Cloud Servers
Less traffic on other instances, increasing performance.

Why Choose Knexgen Hosting?

We've been helping individuals and organisations keep their businesses online for over a decade, so we have plenty of experience behind us.

Expert Support 24/7/365

Our experienced, helpful support staff are available 24/7 to help you online or over the phone.

Control Panel
Free cPanel

Have control over your own hosting account using the state-of-the-art control panel.

Free SSL certificate

SSL certificates are a must have for any trusted online business. 1 year free SSL included.

Our Statistics

We have a large array of servers, hosting a multitude of websites for our many customers.

An evergrowing host of satisfied clients, receiving professional web hosting solutions.

A multitude of powerful, reliable, and secure web servers. Managed and maintained by our network specialists.

A vast quanity of diverse websites, from small start-ups to large demanding businesses. Online 24/7.

Our Datacenters are Located in 7 Regions

We have data centers located around the world, giving international businesses lightning-fast website speeds. Be where your customers are.

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